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DJ Tetrium - Israel

Name: Gadi Aviv
Current Release: Speed of Light
Acts as DJ & Live performer since: 1995
Location: international
Style: full on with psychedelic touches

tetrium ist gadi aviv, 34 years old.
gadi is israeli trance veteran that have been at party of the israeli trance scene from its early days.
he starts producing psy-trance 10 years ago.
a few tracks go out an release in krembo records, tip records, goa trance, u.s.t.a. records and the first album "speed of light" go out by phonokol record.
his style is full on with psychedelic touches - " speed of light" as come out september 2004, very soon the second albom will come out.

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listen and order now!
Tetrium first album "speed of light" (phonokol record) listen and order at www.psyshop.com...


:: goa-liveact ::
eLASTIC pLASTIC exists since 1998 and is an experimental goa-trance live act from Kiel, Germany - at the moment not active.

As an Live-Act they had a bright spectrum of new-modulized and long-known soundz and rythemz, pushed by sun and electronic, fields and high-tech. hypnotic beats that are gonna appeal to your ever since known senses of your body... monotone bass-lines and pushing off-beat are gonna suck you into the 3rd dimension....
Qm 309 Raumgeber Mixtisch MC 303 Kabelbox Klanggeist AB ATARI 1040 STE nord Modular  

EP-Studio, 1999: their modular synthesizer allows them to get into sound-spaces outta human possibility for abstraction ... come on and check it out !!!


ep was a progressive-/psychedelic-trance-project from kiel - born in 1998. matthias (webmaster of www.goa-trance.de) started 1995 with one single workstation-like synthesizer (Quasimidi Raven Max) to produce progressive trance ... with omt started in 1997 with buying a roland mc 303 or better ... it STARTED. But it all really began in summer 1998, when matthias and omt met for the first session and started producing music in the sudio. the one planned session in summer 98 mutated to eLASTIC pLASTIC.
Step by step they enhanced their studio with electronic equipment, for getting the demo-cd (dEMOTYPE1) recorded in spring 1999 and the possibility of frequenting party-organizers. Through dEMOTYPE1 and some people helping yellow sunshine, they got their first live-act, that took part at the "pumpe" in Kiel on the 9th of September '99 . The next one ep had, was on the 19th of May 2000, also at the "pumpe" in kiel for the optical-meeting. live-acts shall be main-part of their music in future. Their special way of produciton while the act allowes free improving out of an amazing pool of sounds, noises and motives. It also includes the never ending live-sequenzing, that always got us to the same spot: mostly dark, progressive goa-trance that keeps it real !!!

Both members of
ELASTIC PLASTIC needed a break to do other things than producing extreme music ;-). We will see what happens next...


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